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After domains such as Poggio Le Volpi and Masca del Tacco and also brands such as Epicuro, Masseria Trajone and Feudi del Duca, Felice Mergé creates a new brand: 'IN ME'. This is a range of wines with the central star being one of Puglia's most cultivated grapes, Negroamaro. Where Negroamaro appears, partner in crime, Primitivo, should not be missing either. As usual, Felicé once again succeeds in serving us an irresistible range of wines. The warm, welcoming character of southern Italy is reflected in every bottle. Generous, opulent wines with a seductive and sunny character that will make both the total layman and the seasoned wine connoisseur fall for themselves. Each and every one of his wines is also awarded with insanely high appreciation figures from wine critics from all over the world. Puglia was once known for its inferior mass wines where quality was completely lost sight of. Nowadays, however, you can make discoveries here that will immediately make every wine lover happy.

About the winery 

Puglia Italy
picture of Bianco Puglia Igp
Shiny, bright light yellow color. In the nose we find hints of winter melon, passion fruit, floral notes and spices. Round, soft and juicy in the mouth. Refreshing, exotic and tasteful character. Smooth drinking style with a long fruity final.
Puglia Italy
picture of Negroamaro - Zinfandel
Bright ruby red color. In the pronounced nose we find hints of balsamic, blackberries, blueberries and raspberries with a spicy and vegetal touch to support. In the mouth, the taste, which is nice and intense, fruity and spicy, is confirmed. Typical southern personality. Warm, engaging, ripe and robust character. Long and juicy finish.
Puglia Italy
picture of Salice Salentino Aged In Oak
Clear, transparent, ruby red color. Aromas of red berries and other forest fruits, black pepper, vegetal notes, soft aromatic herbs and a fine touch of balsamic. Nice balance between fruit and structure. Reserva style that is easy to enjoy and where the beautifully interwoven wood remains modest in the background. Wonderfully long and balanced final.
Puglia Italy
picture of Primitivo Collezione
Intense, dark, ruby red color. Complex nose with lots of blackberries, blackcurrants, plum jam, red flowers, a hint of humus, cocoa, mint and graphite. Lush and ripe taste that manifests itself pleasantly and smoothly in the mouth. Long, fruit-dominated finish with hints of balsamic and sweet spices. A real (organic) flavor bomb!