Wijngoed Monteberg - (Belgium)

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In 1996 Jean-Pierre Six created Wijngoed Monteberg. A site on the southern flank of the Monteberg (which is actually the other side of the famous Kemmelberg), 600 vines and a good dose of spice: these three ingredients formed the basis of what was a daring experiment on Heuvelland soil. However, Jean-Pierre soon got a taste for viticulture and continued to focus on his passion. “A project has to mature like a good wine!” said the winegrower, and the pioneering work thus became his life's work. From meritorious and sympathetic to craftsmanship and quality product… Over the years, gigantic steps have been taken to achieve a respectful wine estate. Jean-Pierre has meanwhile passed on the torch of Wijngoed Monteberg to a new generation. Edward and Katrien, who have been writing this authentic family story for years, are expanding their father's project with heart and soul. While Belgian viticulture was still a laughing stock 20 years ago, our sommeliers are finally discovering the potential of what is possible in our low countries... And it can only get better!

Westhoek Belgium
picture of 2020 - Wijnoed Monteberg - Kerner - 0,75 Ltr. - Wit
The wine is bright and light in color, complex aromas such as peche-apricot, white fruits translated as apple, floral notes such as petals and bright impression of elderberry flowers. The latter is slightly more accentuated in the mouthfeel. The wine has a beautiful caudalie what soon invites another sip. The aromas are best released at a pour temperature of 10 ° C. It is best drunk within the first 5 years.
Westhoek Belgium
picture of 2020 - Wijngoed Monteberg - Pinot Gris - 0,75 Ltr. - Wit
White wine with a slightly more discreet character. Beautiful bright in the glass, soft aromas and a warm mouthfeel. The wine is best served at temperature of 10°C. Surprise your guests with this Belgian wine.
Westhoek Belgium
picture of Wijngoed Monteberg - Mousserend - Extra Brut - 0,75 Ltr. - Wit
Fine beads in the glass with a beautiful satin. Clear aromas of white fruit, such as apple, very refreshing. AWARD: Golden medal by VVS Vereniging van Vlaamse Sommeliers.